Friday, February 23, 2018

Questions to think on . . .

If money didn't matter, what is one thing you would spurge on right now?

Taking a family trip any where but especially out west to see the Grand Canyon and the southern Utah parks and Yellowstone.  House expansion, wrap around porch, paved driveway and a garage. 

If there is one thing you could learn how to do, what would it be?

Calligraphy, knit socks
Do you have summer plans?

Not at this time. As always I would like a summer family trip.  I would like to return to the Adirondacks.  It has been several years since i have been there.  Many recent summers I have been home for work or other as my family has traveled without me.  I will enjoy time by our small pond.  Going out for an ice cream.  Hiking in local parks. Maybe a trip to the ocean and maybe a trip with college friends. 

What is your favorite movie ever?

My favorite movie.  I do really enjoy Sound of Music, I also like An American President and New in Town.  They are movies that make me happy. 

Name a random fact about yourself.
A random fact . . . . . Like I did a survival program one summer in High School and we caught and ate a snake.

Questions came from Blogger at Berries and More.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Late Summer Meadow Walk

I had a Friday off and took my lunch up to a favorite Happy Heart spot.  It could have been a sunnier day but the color that was out there was still amazing.  It is a steep climb up to this plateau and then there are benches and picnic tables to have a meal at.   I did both some reading and some knitting while hanging out there.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pond Time



  Our little Pond is 2 years old.  This year we have had these 2 frogs here on a regular basis but last year we had 7 frogs int eh Pond.  We have a lot of string Algae this year which is yucky but caused by decomposing organic matter. Finally we have a lily pad and have had 2 blooms so far they only seem to last a couple of days. They are incredibly beautiful though.,

Friday, September 1, 2017

Blue and White Quilt

Our Guilds challenge Quilt this year for the semi Annual show is Blue and White.  For once I have the top done ahead of time but still have all the quilting to do etc... I will still be lucky to have it done by May 2018  I really like this pattern as it is quick makes a decent size Quilt and with the right selection of material is always stunning. It is from an old BH&G magazine pattern.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas in the Air . . . .

Bit by bit it is becoming Christmas around here.  Since these were taken we now have snow on the ground and likely to stay there for the future due to some very cold weather. headed out way.  With the days so very long right now- sunrise 7;35 AM and sunset 4:35 pm  it is nice to have extra light from a variety of Christmas lights. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Away but not forgotten . . . . .

Yes, yes, yes,  I know it has been eons since I have typed here and shared the daily happenings of Chestnut Hill.   Life continues to be busy and full with the 3 kids,  3 cats and Edna the yellow lab.  It has been a lovely fall, long, full of sunshine and nice days but we have clearly shifted to a winter pattern just in time for Christmas.   The ground is covered with about 5 inches of snow and more is on the way.   We are to get some bone chilling cold later this week- single digits in the overnight and early mornings and only in the teens by day.   The frogs have all dug in, in the pond and interestingly when we get en exceptionally warm day one or 2 will actually surface for the day and then as it gets cold they once again disappear.  A large snail has joined the pond and I will post that later- some people get hand cream from a sister- I got a big Snail.  :) 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Light Parade

Village Hall 

The four corners - only stop light for miles. 

 Two mounted patrols - picture did not come out so good. 

Here come Santa Claus

Ski Hill depicted with snowmaking from nearby Fire Company

Cougar Tech 2228 Robot

I liked the way this not so good picture  has cool wheels

Small towns do lots of very cool things and they are incubators for " community" in a world that tries to fragment folks as much as possible.  Every  December for an hour on a Saturday night you will find the community unplugged and watching anxiously on the sides of Main Street for the arrival Of Santa Claus.  In addition to area Fire Companies that will often come 60 miles to participate there is the school district Transportation dept. A few restaurants and our very own Cougar Tech 2228 Robotics team will be found to march down the street.  This year there were 2 bands and it was a balmy 21 feels like 18 out.   Tonight they even had the Falls tinted Red and Green,
Happy Holidays from  Honeoye Falls., NY  USA