Monday, December 17, 2012

Elfing about the house . . . .

So what kind of Elfing is happening at your house?  We are making little Chocolate trees held together by Cornsyrup . . . Cutting lots of paper snowflakes , Oh so pretty!!!!  Getting the Gingerbread house preparation underway, cookie baking . . . Peppermint bark . .. knitting, sewing, stamping and so much more. Oh when we will ever wrap gifts or clean the house??

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Past

If you grew up around Rochester NY, a trip to Mid Town plaza was what got the Holidays going . . . You could go there and see a Santa in Sibleys, Mc Curdy's, B Forman and of course in the Plaza where the Monorail was. I so enjoyed seeing the decorated storefronts and I can remember walking along in awe of the animated figures, the toys and Santa. One of the stores had a walk through that was similar up on the 4th floor.Of course nothing beat cramming yourself into the Monorail for a ride around the indoor plaza. The Christmas Tree that was inside was always the biggest I had ever seen. We would go for Breakfast with Santa at one of the Department stores with the Great Aunts and the Romper Room lady. We would get all dressed up for that special event. As a child I do not remember there being many decorations until after Thanksgiving. We looked forward to that every year. What do you remember most about Christmas past and if the Decorations arrived before or after Thanksgiving? Journal your Christmas December 2nd, 2012