Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Gathering 2011

Getting "the Tree" somehow has made it into one of those 'yearly' traditions in our house. Where we used to walk out the back door and cut our tree from the Tree Farm that our land bordered on.  Then one day the owner transformed that acreage into 19 house lots  and we needed to find a "newplace" to call our own. We did indeed find a wonderful Christmas Tree Farm about 25 minutes away.  Once we arrive there and get a Tree "tag" , it then all starts with a tractor ride to the fields.  This tractor ( they run like 4 at a time) was the super deluxe one.  The  tractor driver had a car seat next to him with a infant/toddler in the car seat!  Tractor complete with baby.  Kids got a kick out of that. 
For the last few years we have assisted in "field clearing" gladly getting off in the "discount" field areas. This makes for an interesting experience.  In the prime tree area all the trees are trimmed and in the "perfect" Christmas tree shape that you would expect not only in height but in diameter etc.. They all basically look alike.   Well in our discount area, we have it all. Tall skinny, athletic, oversize, with limb damage, with pinecones and nests, two tops, any anomaly that you can dream up.  After much time we settled on a larger one than we needed, like 10-11 feet but we took it all and trimmed it much shorter when we arrived home. Some tell us it is now to short.   . . . . . all in all it was another successful Tree gathering in 60 degrees no less, no frozen fingers or toes this year!!  Sorry yo rattle on so with our story.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

THanksgiving Greetings

From Our house to your house Wishing you and yours  a very  Happy Thanksgiving.  May the many blessings bestowed upon us be shared today and always.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

works in progress . . . . .

Some of the things that i worked on while away sewing/quilting and being creative.  I really look forward to this weekend away as while at home there is little time to sew these days. Kid care, laundry, housekeeping and cooking seem to fill the days.   While this is fine , it is often not very well balanced .   I would love to say that I have the balance thing all worked out but sadly I do not.  I try to grab minutes to be ever so simply creative but  they often are far and few between. Only the top one of these 4 is complete.  The middle 2 are I am thinking going to be part of something bigger, and the last one is of the Falls in town and will have a brown frame around it. It may well be a year before they are what they are meant to be but they are a great reminder to a fun time and inspire me to keep grabbing those moments. Hope everyone can find a little creative everyday.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6o minute costume

This is a miner from the Computer game Minecraft.  The miner is made of Pixels in the game.  After not having success in getting help to make this over the weekend.  . . . I brought a box home from work and stopped to buy spraypaint . . . . got home changed, and started spraying under the direction of Yoda.  It is not a very warm day so then we had to bring it in and dry it with a hair dryer. . . .The shirt being a medium blue was painted with a darker blue again to illuminate the appearance of Pixels. When the paint had dried with duck tape the goggles were fashioned after the first try that Mom did and it was wrong.  The shirt goes over the winter coat as it is not very fall like in these parts of the Northeast. Then we were out the door in record time.   Some houses knew exactly what he was and some questioned him about it.  He had one mom who wanted his picture!!!  All in all a success for such a short time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkins 2011

Here is what 2 teens and a tween produced the night before Halloween.  We had grandparents over for a baked Potato and Apple Pie feast while the kids carved their pumpkins. This was met with mixed interest this year as some felt they needed to do homework . . . mama never said Pumpkins come first for sure.