Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maple Weekend 2011

Sights of a maple weekend. Time in the woods, with friends and family. Mother natures sweetness at its best. we went away for Maple weekend and are still making syrup at home. It is a short season for such a lovely thing. Such a wonderful way to start Spring and to just sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of Syrup making.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A sweet thing in Spring

So this is the first batch this year of Syrup and candies this year. We have gotten 6 jars of Syrup and a dozen or more candies. It surely will not be the last of either item. Nothing sweeter than the first syrup and candy. We love it in hot Tea, Sap tea we call it dip your mug in the boiling sap and then throw in a Tea bag. You can reverse this by making tea and adding syrup.
Making candy we bring it to 28 degrees above boiling, then let it set for about 5 minutes , then stir like crazy and it magically goes from clear syrup to Opaque and then starts to crystallize and you have to work fast. Get it into the molds and let it cool! Eat and savor and enjoy!
Back to our little sugar Shack!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The First Blossoms

The First are the best, can't wait for the daffodils and the sweet violets and the ferns in the shady gardens. Although I can't but wonder about the vegetation in the Tsunami struck area and what affect any excess radiation will have on it. Truly a live and appreciate each day, moment and little flowers we pass on our Journey's . Enjoy them today as we do not yet know about tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post Card Swap 2011

Hey there -
I participated in this Post Card Swap last year and it was a blast. I loved making and sending my Postcards all over the world as much as I loved receiving them.
I was so excited to see that IHanna was doing it again. It is a lot of work on her part to organize it
So much fun as a participant. I received a knitted postcard, one from Norway, one that was part of a whole picture if you had all the cards, some came direct in the mail and some under cover, in an envelope. Some had quotes from books the artist had read. Some showed something of the area the sender was from. All brought warm and creative greeting. If you are inspired the deadline to sign up is March 18th. You are reposible for 10 to be in the mail by April 8th. All teh details are at IHanna's blog- just jump on over there.


Thinking of Japan

As everyone around the world our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Stricken areas of Japan. The devastation is amazing and the nuclear events are scary that are unfolding. We are glad that Japan was/is as prepared as they are. May all the families torn apart living there and those that are here with family there find each other. May there be safe drinking water, food and a place to rest for all. May those making decisions for the masses be rested and well advised. May rescuers and support be quick to arrive. Wishing those an ocean away much strength and courage as the days ensue.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Go on over to Daisy Yellows Blog and see her post from Friday March 4th. This is my inspiration for my Blue photos. Know that I took more than 4 but will spare you all the brilliant blue in my life and home. Is blue a happy or sad color for you? When I think of the Bright blue sky and vast blue Ocean in its many shades of blue it clearly is a happy color but the blue tones of late winter afternoons when little to no sun is shining I think leads people to the more sad parts of Blue. " I am Blue" what does that look like? I think we all know what it feels like. Interesting how we attach colors to feelings. What color are you today? I think I am a Pink! I am wearing blue jeans and a golden colored shirt though.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Spring!!!

We had a good melt going last week and then Sunday we got another 10 inches of snow . . . . so everything got well covered again. There is mud everywhere but that is ok if there is some green that goes with it. Hoping to find some Wild Pussy Willows on my walk today. The sun is bright and strong today but it is still very cold. It says 31 and feels like 25 according to weather station and I would concur. None the less- we are very excited by each little sign of spring. Trying to spruce things up around the house. Changing out decorations and adding pastels and brighter colors from the grays/blues and snowmen . . . Time for bunnies!!

Pictures include daffodil sprouts, SnowDrops and Winter Aconites! Moss of course. Maybe a new Fairy house is in order? A moss carpet? I remember much of my childhood walking in the woods to collect things for a dish terrarium. We walked behind my parents and in the woods on my grandparents farm.

I know Spring comes everywhere but it seems so concrete herein the Northwest, such a re-awakening of the Earth. Yet I know the Desert also has its cycles based more on the wet and dry seasons. Then every where has it migration cycles that dictate changing of the seasons. All said we are really ready this year tin the Northeast for SPRING!!

Friday, March 4, 2011


When spring comes to this part of the country it is slow. Streams and trickling brooks thaw out from being frozen over, they swell and gush at times from spring run off and snow pack melt, then they freeze back up again. With heavy snow pack and bountiful Deer we have the deer searching out every green possibility to munch on. Many lovely things are just not planted just because the deer will make them their meals. My Pussy Willow gets destroyed almost every year as well as Lilacs below a certain height. The HorseChestnuts are the early bloomers and the buds begin to swell deep in the winter months. The sap is running here already at ChestnutHill as we embark on another Sap season. Last year it was very short season but it looks promising this year. We do not tap a lot of trees but enough to make a nice little cache of Syrup right from our land. One day we may more formalize our "Sugar Shack" for now it will be on the deck in modified fashions. The songbirds are returning and we hear more tunes each day it seems. The calm and quiet solitude of winter is melting as is the snow. Soon we will see and feel the rush of mother nature to nest, bloom grow and multiply both in Fur feather and leaf! It truly is a beauty to behold. How does spring make it to your home?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to the well travelled road

“Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people to know “why” I look this way. I’ve traveled a long way and some of the roads weren’t paved. ”

Will Rogers (1879-1935);

actor, comic, columnist

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At the machine . . .

This is for a new nephew. Simple block and sewed up quick. The brown fabric has animals on it and is just the softest! I moved my second machine into the living room to catch bits here and there to sew. My days of going to my sewing room are few and far between right now.
The pattern is from Quilts for the Modern Home.
Besides the brown, the rest is from my stash - now for a backing and onto the quilting!!