Friday, July 31, 2009

Spotted Wintergreen

So this is a page from my sketch book. I am afraid I still do not know how to get blogger to turn the photo around, sometimes it does it on its own and it is a happy day, sometimes it does not. Suffice to say I try to spend time in Nature each and every day. The amount and location depends on many factors. I try to get the kids out there as well and for the most part they do it naturally. Aside inclement weather they do it on there own liking it as much as I do. They are better at getting outside than doing chores! They all have sketch books and pencils, various mediums, watercolors but the use is in phases. A lot or nothing it seems but that is not that different than we adults.
This summer they are earning small bonuses for looking up things we find .. . latest was an American Dagger Moth Caterpillar this was not a friendly looking guy/gal. After consulting both books and the internet it was time to consult Larva-Lady- aka Aunt Susan,she came through for us.
The next challenge is from a short hike tonight, for the life of me I cannot remember what it was right now. We saw so much in a short time, Pilated woodpecker, deer, rabbit, Leopold frog,bullfrog, sunfish,bass dragonflies,lots of wildflowers,heard many other birds,lilypads.

Any serious sketcher will tell you that if you draw it you will remember the moment more and that when you look at your sketch it will transport you to that moment in time. Part of this is that when you sketch/draw/paint you bring in more cortical brain activity so in essence you have hit record on the video recorder. So on that note- sketch on!! Get out and get that Green/outdoor time every day,it will make you a better person!

Spotted Wintergreen

Field Trip Friday -

Such treats un folded for us on this hike n bike along an old railroad bed. This is one of my favorite sections as it is loaded with wildlife. In past years it included Beaver but they seemed to have moved on and what a difference the water areas are now seeing. The Meadow wildflowers are so lovely this time of year, purples, yellows, periwinkle chicory, yet we also saw the beginnings of Fall. Crimson leaves on Virginia Creeper, acorns falling early, Rouge leaves changing color and Honeysuckle berries bright and bold. The evenings will start to cool and the sun set earlier come August. The long days and nights are now behind us. Beauty of nature does not diminish it just gets different as the seasons unfold before us.
This snake was very quiet on the edge of the trail, he appeared to be a water snake, could be a black rat snake but for where we were a water snake would be more common.
As we stopped for a swim, the mosquitoes were out in full force, we could not swat fast enough!!! This summer has been so wet that they are terrible. Tomorrow we itch!!! Eagle eye on the bike spotted this Great Blue Heron looking for his dinner. They are a marvel to watch moving in slow motion with much grace. They are so quick to catch their meal that if you blink you will have missed it. He was not influenced by our presence, when we had our fill we moved on. So does the week move on . We are happy for the weekend. All our family will be back in the nest after flights to far off adventures. Tis summer at its best.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slug days

Summer Slug Days- ( Edna shows us how it is done)

These are a rare commodity. Days that are un- scheduled. Days when time un folds in varying ways depending on the children. Of course often not the way the mama wants them to if electronics enter the picture. Reading, drawing, a movie, cooking, baking, just chilling out. Cloud watching, ice cream outside. Mama likes to sew and stamp if she can on days like this. sometimes yes sometimes no. Unscheduled time - it is the best clears your head helps you focus allows you to re-charge. There really is not substitute for that. I always feel bad for the over scheduled yet i also know some are energized by a busy busy schedule. Our house is not. so wish you some Summer Slug days all to your self!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June Nature Quilt

This is June's Nature Quilt of what I have seen in my travels outdoors. There is much more color now everywhere. Still greens that are quite bright. Berries have arrived on the seen.They add lots of subtle beauty. Birds are active in song and flight, frogs are still busy singing as well.

Summer Saturdays

A post for 7/25/09 post haste

What is a Summer Saturday?
Good weather
Breakfast out
Time in Nature admiring her Beauty- the meadows smell so good right now.
Theater on the Lawn ( wind in the Willows RCT)
Cloud watching
Ice Cream cones outside
Read alouds on the front lawn
Campfires at night
cut grass everywhere
picking fresh flowers for the house
Suntea, Maple Tea

Wonderful Wednesday!

What is a butterfly? At best
He's but a Caterpillar dressed.
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Monarch Sunday July 26,2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Letterboxing

Letterboxing: Check out Atlas Quest you will find general information, clues everything you need!

The search is on with clue in hand, down the path stay to the right look for the multi- trunked tree and there is the treasure that you seek.

Always neat things from mother Nature along the trail. The milkweed pods are all different sizes right now. This one is a huge cluster.

The Box! It holds a stamp- hand carved usually, a log book for us to stamp our signature stamps in and we stamp the "box's" stamp in our personal log books that we carry with us.

Here we brought crayola washables to color in this beautifully carved Pheasant. He is a true beauty!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Quilt

This is the fabric I started with, my favorite color green infused with Old Mother Goose, then I selected others form the "stash" to fill it out.

Created simple 9-patches

Finished pieced top, next is layering and quilting.
This is for a new mom who had a really cute long awaited for boy. I could not decide whether to make it long and narrow or square.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Field Trip Friday

Keuka Lake

Looking at rocks/skipping stones

View down the lake Southerly

Taking a boat ride.

As said before, all getting in the car is always a grand adventure. Just being together is part of the best part. So much of the time we spend working or at school, in activities that we do not get all that much "together time". Yes there is yelling and tears as someone touches someone etc.. but overall there are new discoveries to make, places to go and people to see. Today we saw several Amish Buggy's, places to pick Blueberries, wonderful Landscape Vistas, farmland in different hues of green and gold can be so pretty. Today was good food, good friends and an outstanding location!! The rain held off for the most part. Love hearing the rain on the roof though. Good day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Quilt

So this is the beginning of my summer quilt, I have Fall all done, Winter is pieced waiting for quilting. Spring is cut but not sewn. They are all made from 10 inch blocks. 6 across by 7 - 10 rows down. Fall and winter are backed with cozy flannel.
They are simple utility napping quilts. No fancy piecing or quilting. I love the 10 inch block as it really shows some pretty fabrics, I like the easy assembly because in my busy life it means it actually gets done and does not sit.
Looking at it right now- it needs some Pink Coneflower fabric.
Another rainy day for western NY- Grass is very green and very long- needs to stop raining long enough to mow it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Canandiagua Lake without rain!

Summer Adventures

Ginkgo Tree- our favorite and soon to have one in our yard.

Leaving 19th Century behind

Weaving a shawl - Dressing the Loom class at Genesee Country village.

School of the Soldier at GCVM

Wounded and waiting for one of the civilian life Girls to come tend to him. GCVM 2009 A nice cool week for a change.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

ahh Summer!

Today is a near perfect summer day by my standards.
I can wear a t-shirt, flipflops and capris and be neither to hot or to cold.
There is an ever so pleasant breeze blowing, just right for clothes on the clothes line.
The mower is trimming the sides of the road and they have hit some Mint so there is a lovely scent through the window of Mint!
Smelling the mint makes me think of a glass filled with Ice, Sun Tea and a sprig of Mint in it!
The sun is shining which after so many weeks filled with rain it is a true blessing to soak in.
The washing machine is churning, Edna is squeaking her new toy it makes kinda an oink sound.
I am just about to make Chocolate Chip cookies and Big Ginger Cookies.
We saw fresh picked Corn on our way to summer camp this AM so we will get some on the way home and roast it on the fire along with hot dogs. Again- perfect summer day. There is nothing as sweet as newly picked sweet corn roasted on the open fire!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cape Codding

Rosie - Cat at "AtLast"

Brewster Windmill reconstructed, one of 13 original Windmills that graced the Cape. They utilized the wind to grind corn as the Cape has few rivers or creeks to act as Mills.

Brewster General Store- a favorite stop for all

Bees and Butterflies in the lavender sun up to sun down!