Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lilacs and Blue Bells . . Spring is here . . .

      We wait a long time in these parts for Siring to show her glory but when she does, she does not disappoint us.  We have had some very hot days already and then some cooler ones - she does not seem to be able to make up her mind.  Alas the flowers have all been most lovely to enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art & Fiber Part 2

In progress

Book I am currently reading snatches of and really enjoying it.

art by K York

Art by K York

By friend Vicki - the machine quilting is amazing as are the small-feather points in teh very center

Trout Lily - everywhere on a sunny spring day

Appetizers for dinner night. 
Everyone was doing a mixture of sewing, quilting, drawing, painting.  We are all doing a online course- Lifebook 2015 with Tam La Porte.  That is where my feather is from.  I have not yet tackled faces - well I tackled one - here at Watson and it was Zombie meets Michael Jackson - suffice to say i went back to sewing. :)   I do however enjoy the lessons and concepts of the online class. I am not able to keep up- just not enough hours in the day or week.  Off to mop the floor!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Books at Chestnut HIll

 I read this one a month or 2 ago- based on recommendation from Coffee Tea and Me.  It was a quick read and enjoyable.   Just enough fantasy to have a quick escape. Yet enough faith based to make you think a bit.   I paid it forward to a co-worker who also needed a quick escape.

I read this about a month ago and was a delightful read- what I call brain candy- fun to read and escape into their lives for a bit but no real substance.  Pretty geography, romance , relationships, a wedding or 2.  Environmental concerns for developing areas that perhaps cannot sustain heavy development.

Reading this currently whenever I get a chance- non-fiction and I am about 1/2 way through and find it enjoyable.
I am reading Unbroken on my Kindle and The Shape of a Year is either travelling with my or on the nightstand.

What are you reading these days??

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Art & Fiber At Watson

A little Field Sketching - on a warm spring afternoon

Leftover 3.5 inch squares become a new quilt

Glorious Color!

Machine Quilting this

Quilt top from leftover squares - dark in center, medium in corners, lights in middles. 


the sun was just hitting the hillsides just right - a pleasant early evening stroll by the creek
Overall a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes for a fun creative and relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February almost over . . . . . .

And so it goes in Western New York in late February.  The days are getting a little longer and there are a few but very few sunny days.  We are still at the wrath of MotherNature and Lake Effect snow.  Everyday it snows in Western NY and it is the 1-5 inches daily that pile up in combination of larger storms that just pass through.  While I am writing this - there is thumpin on the roof of snow removal.  It has blown and drifted quite significantly.  This makes me very nervous  to have my husband up there but what can one do?  To add to all the blustery weather we had a chimney fire about 2 weeks ago and our warm wood cook-stove is out of commission until we can give it a full spa treatment.   The house has been colder than usual and we are running the furnace low as we need an Oil tank refill life at Chestnut Hill is never dull. 
           On the bright side this time of year is really lovely in the woods- the fresh fallen snow blankets everything and makes everything new again.  It can be ever so quiet while out there. Love to here the silence.  The birds are very active at the feeders and this year with all the deep snow the deer are feasting on our Christmas tree cast off. Every season has its beauty and I enjoy them all.

Monday, February 23, 2015

International Postcard Swap Part 2

somewhere USA

" Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted" John Lennon Silver Gelatin test print with black and White India Inks the artist used.

Kincardine, Ontario Canada

Aloha From Hawaii
So these are the remaining 4 that arrived to make 10 from the swap, so much fun mail in the mailbox!!
Now I need to get 10 fabric postcards ready by April 1st for my quilt Guild Challenge. Theme for that is 1975 the year the Guild was founded. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seeds of Love . . . .

First Collage layer and light color

Cover with Gesso - next layer

Add Stamps and light color again

Sketch out design in pencil then go over it with black marker

Add colors and thin out with water /gesso to get color value, then add details with black  marker or white paint pen

This was a fun one to do.  I grew up with a mom who used seed pods, weeds and pine-cones in her creations so I was really used to the asymmetry of seedpods that was requested in creating this.  Trying to get the colors to go from dark to light value was a good challenge, mine in the end are mostly medium value.  I have Jacaranda pods, Milkweed, sweet-gum ball, teasel, Eucalyptus, Chinese lanterns depicted here.   I could not seem to post the black and white photo of it but that was part of the process to check and see how your balance of light/dark was going.   Good Process.  Collaged in the centers of the pods were people or places that you love or are meaningful to you!

      Well back to the work of snow removal driveway , roof and any where else. Cold here again- that is the February Mantra - deep freeze and subzero!!!  Stay warm and hoping there is sun shine wherever you are.