Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Art in the Garden

The garden, historically is the place where 
all the senses are exported.  Not just the
 eye, but the ear - with water, with birds.  
And there is texture, too, in plants you
 long to touch

William Howard Adams

Several years back I painted this canvas to put in the Garden.  I sprayed it with a UV resistant spray to protect it from the elements and I must say it has done very well. It has endured buckets of rain, sunny hot days.   It adds color to the garden on dark days or in between flowering plants.  This year I added the piece of metal the my son was practicing on welding. It is a pretty cool looking piece of Art I think.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tiny Gardens . . ..

Growth takes time. Be patient. and while your waiting pull a weed.

Emilie Barnes

This cement trough my mom gave me a while back- we plant it up each year- somethings surving our rough winters and some do not.  Each year it has new Character, a new path and perhaps a new story.   This year it has several Turtles visiting it. See if you can find them both!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Change . . . is in the air . . . .

Oh how I can feel all the big and more importantly little changes that are lurking out there.  Fall is I am afraid creeping up on us.  Everything always changes with August 1  . . . . These long light shadows are at 6 pm . . . The Cricket song that has taken over for early morning birdsong, the birds that have already left on their long trip  to the south.  Joe Pye Weed and Jewel weed are in their Glory.  The wild parsnip and Queen Annes Lace is fading on the roadsides.  The gardens are filled with Black-eyed Susans and Tomatoes are starting to grace the dinner table. Everything outside  is starting to soak up the sun, to feed upon the earth to prepare the beds and nests for the long winters rest.  Spring and Summer oh they are a fleeting.  Nature brings such joy and color and sound,  it pushes us to explore with all our senses and teaches us about the cycle of life.  The Golden Rod and Nettle lift their flowers to bloom and tower over us.  it is as if all the outside world is getting ready for a great trip.  So don't miss these changes, enjoy and take pleasure in each and everyone of them.  Get outside and soak up the sun, the wind, the sounds that fill the air and all the big and small beauty there is to behold. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mud Creek Farm CSA

Pick your Own Flowers!

In front of me

Behind me . . .

Ground Cherries- in the Tomatotillo family - sweet/sour - new for us
Fresh basil - making lots of Pesto!

So we joined a CSA- Community Supported Agriculture.  Every week we go to the farm to pick up our share. There are pre-picked things that we go through a line and collect and then there is pick your own out in the fields- so like flowers, Basil, Beans Ground cherries are Pick your own.   As with any growing things we are at the mercy of Nature for how much we get. Will it be hot, Cold, rainy, sunny.  We have had a lot of Swiss Chard, Kale, Kohlrabi.  I would love Beans and squash every week right now- but not really happening. I love the concept, not sure if this is the right place for us or not- need to do more research.  Meanwhile trying to stay on top of eating Fresh from the Farm to our table.

This last week that I went out after work, it had been a heavy rain- torrential downpours of like 2-3 inches in less than an hour.  The  Fields lived up to the name of the farm Mud Creek. While out picking flowers my feet got stuck on more than one occasion and when you are slipping on the mud- it can catch a bad back just off guard and ouch!  The bAsil has been brilliant this year and my freezer if filling with Basil for those winter moments when you just need a little more summer.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Space in the garden . . .

To garden, you open your personal space
to admit a few, a great many, or thousands 
of plants which exude charm, pleasure,
 beauty, oxygen, conversation, friendship,
confidence, and other rewards should you
 succeed in meeting their basic needs.  This 
is why people garden.  It can be easy but
 challenging and the rewards are priceless.

~Tom Clothier

Thursday, August 20, 2015


              Postcrossings - I found this website via a reader and promptly signed up- that was over a year ago and since then I have happily exchanged postcards with lovely writers all over the world.  Just this morning I sent out cards to Luxembourg, Russia, Austria and Finland.  I received one from Germany today.  growing up I always had a Postcard collection getting family and friends to send or bring them to me when they traveled.  Postcrossings randomly selects someone for you to send a card to  and then when it is received your name is released to someone to send a card to you. 
     I still try to send postcards to friends and family when we travel- just a small little piece of life that can brighten a day for someone.
        People in other countries are most interested in our postage stamps.  It is fun to make up combinations of  them to reach the international postage rate.   This endeavor has made for interesting dinner conversation about people and places around the world.  We have recieved cards from countries that we needed to do a little research on as far as location. 
               I encourage any one who enjoys writing and travel, learning about new places and meeting nice people to give Postcrossings a try. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bronze Fennel . . .

Nature will bear the closest inspection. 
 She invites us to lay our eye level with her
 smallest leaf, and take an insect view
 of its plain.

~ Henry David Thoreau

This bronze Fennel Blossom is very fine and intricate, best viewed close up . 
 It is amazing to watch it grow and blossom day by day.  Lacy and delicate are the leaves and popular with the butterflies.