Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wild FBloodroot in the Sun!lower walk spring 2016- Auburn TrailSkunk


Trout Lily

Blood root in the sun !

Black Cohash

Skunk Cabbage

May Apple / Umbrella Plant

White Violets
Nothing beats a walk in the woods in teh springtime and this year we have had a cool spring so the wild flowers are lasting longer.  Granted I am walking with hat and gloves on as this AM it was 36 F when we headed out.  I went on a different walk this AM with different flowers and will have to post that soon.  We were the only ones in the park this AM and there was lots of bird activity. A little su and it would be just perfect.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

"Mother is not a title. Mother is a verb. It is not who you are. It's what you do."
~ Shonda Rhimes

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mary's Birthday Carrot Cake

I made this for my co-worker Mary for her Birthday. I had planned to put carrots on the top in a starburst but when I took them out of the package . . . they were to big to do that so I put them on the sides and then just decorated the top for fun.   Cream cheese frosting and I dyed the coconut in a baggie with food safe food dye.  Happy Spring to one and all.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

In the Garden February 2016

It appears that it is yet another Gray day here in Western New York.  THe days the sun actually shines and shows itself are few and far between.  Never the less nature and we people carry onward. This week we had some very mild days of 50/60 degrees F and now we are back to freezing temps and ice on the pond and in the bird bathes. They say next week that winter will return with sub zero wind chills and lake affect snow . . . . all this spring like weather has just been a tease.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kauai Albatross Nesting with live Cam . . .

So I think on A wintry Sunday morning in Northeast USA it is a lovely time to see and hear the goodness of Tropical Hawaii,  These Albatross are nesting on Kauai and are wonderful to watch and just to see the greenry and hear all the lovely birdsong.  It is such a treat!!    Below are 2 links for the Live feed Cam that shows you the nesting area and a link to a blog that talks about the integration of the birds with the humans.   These are huge seabirds that spend all their days at sea, they fly thousands of miles for food.  They only come on land to nest.  There are different types of Albatrosses.  Most nest in HUGE beach colonies.  ( goggle Albatross nesting colonies for a looksy)  It is uncommon for this to be such a small colony but it is fun  all the same.

Enjoy the day!

 Blog about the Albatross:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fridays Fun Food

 Bacon Delights

So these were a new discovery for us this Christmas.  Every  Christmas Eve 24th we have a gathering of family and friends late afternoon before church full of appetizers, light foods , warm candle light  and lots of love.   These are very simple to make and can be done way ahead frozen then reheated and serve.  My boys particularly thought they were the bomb as they like to say but then again any thing is better with bacon. 

So you need Club Crackers or something similar- they are a light butter cracker.  
Grated Parmesan Cheese  3/4 cup
Bacon  - any type will work, about 1 pound makes one sleeve of crackers
Brown Sugar  3/4 cup

Baking sheet, (Parchment, foil or silipat mat will make cleanup easier), Cooking rack

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees F
2. Set up your baking sheet with cooling rack and surface to collect grease.
3. get all your crackers out
4. Cut your Bacon in 1/2 so the strips are short
5. Having grated cheese in shallow dish with a small teaspoon is handy
6. Same for Brown sugar
7. Grab a cracker and put either brown sugar or cheese on it, then wrap if with the slice of bacon and place it on your cooling rack.
8. Repeat until all are done.
9. Put in the 250 degree oven for 2 hours.
10.  I then froze them in double plastic bags to use whenever I want or need to.

Yes that is a long time but with the bacon cooking slowly all the ingredients in the middle  does not cook out.  the bacon shrinks around the cracker.  It works out really well.

*** Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has  this in her  cook book Pioneer Woman cooks for the Holidays. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Winter

January is such a silent month.  Quite often the earth is blanketed in snow.  This always sets us for a  a cushion of calm.  The hustle and bustle of the Holidays is over and with snow and cold it is the perfect month to snuggle inside.  Yet with any opportunity I can get, I love to venture outside.  There is beauty to behold in the stillness, the barren.  Lots of tracks from those that carry on day to day.  One day I went for a walk on a trail I go on often but it was early in the morning about 15 degree F and the only others that had been out were the Coyotes.  It was fascinating following their tracks and imagining what they were up to . So stay in or go out but enjoy January- it is a fleeting.