Monday, September 21, 2015

Natures Art

NATURE is what we see, 
The Hill, the Afternoon-
Squirrel, Eclipse, the Bumble-bee,
Nay-Nature is Heaven.
Nature is what we hear,
The Bobolink, the Sea-
Thunder, the Cricket-
Nay- Nature is Harmony.

Nature is what we know
But have no art to say,
So impotent our wisdom is
To Her simplicity.

_ Emily Dickienson

This is what I saw on an early morning run this past week- captured with my phone so- not great quality but none the less a great masterpiece of Nature.  There is no substitute for time spent in nature -  it anchors us in this world full of rushing and electronics.  It calms us in a way that nothing else can. I just love being outside, in the yard, the garden, the woods! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Late Summer at Chestnut Hill

I know once again I disappeared . . . but I have been busy sending kids off to college and high school, Getting back into the swing of things- but really not much routine swing left it seems. Every day and week are full.  work, Appointments, house and car and body Maintenance.   All very time and soul consuming.   We have in the past week - had mice take up residence where they do not belong and that also takes up time. Needing to determine the exact location of their doorway such that I can then put a lock on it and throw away the key if you will.   Everything has such a Golden hue this  time of year. The sun rises later and sets earlier. The Shadows are getting longer while it is getting quieter outside.  We are still working on a new project- a pond we have created but I will have to save that for a full post later.  It has taken no tie for it to fill with life- frogs, bugs, dragon flys - all so much fun to watch and enjoy.  The flowers in the garden are fading but we are busy trying to get some bulbs set in.  The vegetables however are rich, full, and  plentiful.    Enjoy the late summer days for they are Fleeting - Fall begins here tomorrow I believe.