Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Light Parade

Village Hall 

The four corners - only stop light for miles. 

 Two mounted patrols - picture did not come out so good. 

Here come Santa Claus

Ski Hill depicted with snowmaking from nearby Fire Company

Cougar Tech 2228 Robot

I liked the way this not so good picture  has cool wheels

Small towns do lots of very cool things and they are incubators for " community" in a world that tries to fragment folks as much as possible.  Every  December for an hour on a Saturday night you will find the community unplugged and watching anxiously on the sides of Main Street for the arrival Of Santa Claus.  In addition to area Fire Companies that will often come 60 miles to participate there is the school district Transportation dept. A few restaurants and our very own Cougar Tech 2228 Robotics team will be found to march down the street.  This year there were 2 bands and it was a balmy 21 feels like 18 out.   Tonight they even had the Falls tinted Red and Green,
Happy Holidays from  Honeoye Falls., NY  USA    

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