Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its all about the Black Caps

It is that time of year when Mother Nature bestows some of her sweet fruits upon us. These grow wild here at Chestnut Hill and we try to gather them up for use all year. My hands are stained a yummy purple and I have special clothes just for picking. they are early this year and many are molding on the branches because we cannot pick them fast enough. Eating them fresh is a favorite for sure. This year I used and modified a Scone recipe for yummy Blackberry/ almond scones, the final version has almond laced icing on them and they look oh so pretty and taste wonderful. I had envisioned pretty white scones but then they became a lovely purple that the kids rather prefer. Slugger right now is my big scone eater. We have also had Lemon Blueberry scones this week . Good week in the kitchen.

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