Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Fire Truck Parade

You just have to love small towns. Small Town Parades are among the best. Ours is no exception. The Mid December Firetruck Parade brings out the whole town, both the Villagers and those of us "out of town" more rural. This year we stood right next to this very well behaved Alpaca named "Carhartt". He was so quiet but very observant. The local dogs were in a bit of a tizzy though and he just looked so darn like a Reindeer, he had a lot of Photos taken of him. The Firetrucks were awesome as always. The school has started putting a bus in and the bus drivers march. ( they throw candy too!) One fire company threw Oranges and that was a big hit. Tossed I should say. Yes, that is a John Deer Reindeer pulling Santas sleigh. The Rotary was also a John Deer Pulling a lighted Hay wagon- the tall kind that wobble when not fully loaded. Speaking of farming - we are still harvesting Corn out here. Corn Pickers were busy most of last week. Enjoy!!

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