Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Return . . . . .

Backyard with Apple Trees in Bloom

One of my favorite Spring Wild Flowers - Jack in the Pulpit

Barnes Creek Onanda Park

Steep Bank in Creekbed of Barnes Creek Onanda Park

My sketching seat under the Giant Hemlock Tree shielding me during the passing Thunder Shower.
Well it is never my intention to leave my Blog or other areas of my life for long time frames . . .  sadly life in its fullness can get in the way.  We do not choose our paths but often they choose us and we wonder - what am I to learn from this?   Why now?  I definitely do not have the answers and sometimes the answers only reveal themselves long after the experience. The College semester is over and my twice daily commuting for 2 semesters 16K miles has ended at least for a few weeks.  Here's hoping that next semester she has a drivers license. That is not to say that there were not many silver linings to this situation . . .  but there  was also a lot of time lost to commuting.
Be back with a garden post and a whats in the works post and spring at Chestnut Hill, Stay tuned. Be well. Carry on.

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