Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nesting Birds at Chestnut Hill . . .

House Wren's

Blue birds and one is on a branch right above the house.

Blue Birds
Baby Blue Birds maybe 5 days old

Rosy Breasted Nuthatch's
Rosy Breasted Nuthatch - they are thinner than this picture depicts.

So it seems that our yard is a haven for birds and nesting birds which could not make us happier. My  college daughter is keenly interested in Birds and hopes one day to do research in Ornithology.  She said it is fine to check on nesting birds.  You first knock on the box so if there is an adult in side it fly's out, then you open up the box briefly. They actually learned all about this in one of her wildlife management classes. That is why I can show you a picture of baby Blue birds.  Our Hammock is between 2 big Norway spruce which is near the Nuthatch house and it is fascinating to watch the parents come and go feeding the babies.  The Nuthatch babies are older then the blue birds.  The box is not such that I can show them to you though. Watching these little birds carry on teh cycle of life is really a special treat and grounds you to what in the end is important in life. Shelter, food, family, Love.

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