Sunday, August 17, 2014

August Full Moon

Full Moon over Chatham

Chatham Lighthouse Chatham Mass.

Full Moon- Lighthouse beach

Chatham Lighthouse at night.

Full Green Corn Moon
The Sturgeon Moon
The August moon was awesome to see over the Atlantic Ocean last Sunday night. It was rainy and cloudy but it still shone bright for us. The moon was in front of us and the lighthouse behind us.  We usually walk through Chatham and then come up to the lighthouse for a little while. These old lighthouses really make you think about the days when sailors relied on the sun, stars and lighthouses for navigation.   Today I am confident that the shipping industry is safer with all the technology.  Amazing all that we as a nation put into Lighthouses so long ago though.  Most lighthouses are on automated today and managed by the US Coastguard.  Shine on, Shine on and safe journeys  to home,

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