Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pet Mesh Bags

So- this bag style was started in our Quilt Guild meeting.  It is called a Pet Mesh Bag as the black part is made from Pet Mesh- a material made to cover a doorway or a pet carrier or pet play-yard.  You can buy it at a Home Depot where they sell replacement screen materiel.  I got the 48 x 84 inch roll about $20.00 for 6 bags.   The construction is simple and it is fun to mix and match fabrics.  The bottom has a hard piece of timtex, cardboard or foam core to give it more stability and form.  I would estimate that it takes me about 2-3 hours to make one.  That is not to bad I did not think.   IT is very basic.  These 2 both went to Baby Showers, I have one then I gave one to a friend in early Nov. and another to a co-worker for her birthday . . . so I have made 5 - they are quick and easy and look nice.

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Nellie said...

You have been busy!