Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art & Fiber Part 2

In progress

Book I am currently reading snatches of and really enjoying it.

art by K York

Art by K York

By friend Vicki - the machine quilting is amazing as are the small-feather points in teh very center

Trout Lily - everywhere on a sunny spring day

Appetizers for dinner night. 
Everyone was doing a mixture of sewing, quilting, drawing, painting.  We are all doing a online course- Lifebook 2015 with Tam La Porte.  That is where my feather is from.  I have not yet tackled faces - well I tackled one - here at Watson and it was Zombie meets Michael Jackson - suffice to say i went back to sewing. :)   I do however enjoy the lessons and concepts of the online class. I am not able to keep up- just not enough hours in the day or week.  Off to mop the floor!

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