Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Tree Thoughts . . . .

Do you prefer live or artificial trees? Cut-your-own or pre-cut?

we always get a Cut your own.  We started this when the property that we border on 

One of my favorites

"My grandma made this many years ago"  " I love all the handwork and therefore love that went into it"

"a new ornament for 2015" 

What is your favorite ornament?

Are there any special tree-trimming traditions your family follows each year?
  We try to get it up just after Thanksgiving, each child puts on their own ornaments, my husband does the lights. 

When do you put it up and when do you take it down?
Colored lights or white lights?

 We put it  up the weekend after Thanksgiving, we take it down in January as we can. 
This year we have white lights but sometimes it is multi colored. 

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Tips said...

We buy a pre-cut tree next weekend. We put it up after breakfast on the 24th December. At coffeetime we have some cookies and start to prepare the food for our raclette. This year our daughter have to go to work at this day, therfore it will not be time for going to the christmas mass. The tree decorates my husband.
We have multi-color-lamps for the tree and 10 collected bells of porcelain. We don't use every year a new ornament. I will show a picture on my blog.
The tree may stay in the house until the 6th of january.
After eating our raclette we start to change our gifts.
I hope you can understand my bad english.
Waving greetings from Larissa

Quiltin' Mama said...

Your English is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing what your traditions are. I enjoyed reading about them very much!