Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Musings

Snowy Friday . . . . Snowy Week

There I go again, somehow hitting "post" before I have even written anything. It is a snowy morning here at Chestnut Hill. This is the medium wet sloppy snow. It makes the roads very greasy and pulls your wheels over at any slight chance. This type causes lots of cars in the ditch and it is easy to do "doughnuts" in .

This is the type that I hate to commute to work in.
The other type that is an issue for driving is the very dry type of snow that causes blowing and drifting. Snow can be a bear and it can be beautiful. Today all the branches of weeds and trees are covered and it looks like sugar coating. It is a very fine snow yet there is o much in the air that it looks like "fog".
It is due to be very cold this weekend again. With the right clothing it does not limit us from going outside. We may reduce the time spent out but we still go out and walk, play, do chores. The trail that I walk on frequently has a lot of animal activity. The tracks and trails left behind are fascinating to look at. Straight, criss cross and curving." The Animal Highways of the Forest." The Deer especially make this very apparent.

Some plans for the day: Walk, clean up kitchen, sort socks, take down tree, pack up christmas stuff, figure out how to down load new camera, write up Individual Scout accounts Policy, Thread up needles for binding on Butterfly Quilt. there is way more I would like to do . . . . and way more required items like take daughter to MD, make dinner etc... but I have little control over what will really get done. Enjoy your day. Go outside, be still and listen.

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