Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's almost valentines, share the love!!

Well it is still a few weeks away but if we do not do a little everyday then we will never get it done. Yoda is working on his for school using these Pre-fab fun animals and fun Scrapbook paper cut up and then he adds other little paper accents. He has 25 in his class plus teachers and friends so I am thinking we are at like 30 + so there are only 24 of these cute animals so we will have to do something different for some of them. This may well be the last year that he is interested in making and passing them out. We record the firsts so well in life but it is often hard to catch the last time. The last time they will sit on your lap, need their nails trimmed, make Valentines . . . . Don't miss the firsts or the lasts, life is to short.

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