Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trendy Tuesday

I am thinking about what is Trendy right now . . . .

Colors: Brown, Lime Green, Mustard Gold, a Turquoise that is grayed, peachy coral,

Motifs: Owls, Trees, Boots/shoes

Foods: Macaroons, cupcakes,

Beverages: Green Tea, coffee from a coffee shop or Chai, Lattes, Pepsi

Clothing: nothing that I like. Sweaters with 1 or 2 buttons are ok, T-shirts with gatherin at the neck, overdyed jeans, Layered clothing, victorian, sweaters with hoods.

Activities: Going to Coffee shop, Book Clubs, Electronics, Wii,

Electronics: PS3, X-box, laptop, cell phone, bluetooth, Wii

Words: Epic,

What do You see as trendy?

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