Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Spring!!!

We had a good melt going last week and then Sunday we got another 10 inches of snow . . . . so everything got well covered again. There is mud everywhere but that is ok if there is some green that goes with it. Hoping to find some Wild Pussy Willows on my walk today. The sun is bright and strong today but it is still very cold. It says 31 and feels like 25 according to weather station and I would concur. None the less- we are very excited by each little sign of spring. Trying to spruce things up around the house. Changing out decorations and adding pastels and brighter colors from the grays/blues and snowmen . . . Time for bunnies!!

Pictures include daffodil sprouts, SnowDrops and Winter Aconites! Moss of course. Maybe a new Fairy house is in order? A moss carpet? I remember much of my childhood walking in the woods to collect things for a dish terrarium. We walked behind my parents and in the woods on my grandparents farm.

I know Spring comes everywhere but it seems so concrete herein the Northwest, such a re-awakening of the Earth. Yet I know the Desert also has its cycles based more on the wet and dry seasons. Then every where has it migration cycles that dictate changing of the seasons. All said we are really ready this year tin the Northeast for SPRING!!

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