Friday, March 4, 2011


When spring comes to this part of the country it is slow. Streams and trickling brooks thaw out from being frozen over, they swell and gush at times from spring run off and snow pack melt, then they freeze back up again. With heavy snow pack and bountiful Deer we have the deer searching out every green possibility to munch on. Many lovely things are just not planted just because the deer will make them their meals. My Pussy Willow gets destroyed almost every year as well as Lilacs below a certain height. The HorseChestnuts are the early bloomers and the buds begin to swell deep in the winter months. The sap is running here already at ChestnutHill as we embark on another Sap season. Last year it was very short season but it looks promising this year. We do not tap a lot of trees but enough to make a nice little cache of Syrup right from our land. One day we may more formalize our "Sugar Shack" for now it will be on the deck in modified fashions. The songbirds are returning and we hear more tunes each day it seems. The calm and quiet solitude of winter is melting as is the snow. Soon we will see and feel the rush of mother nature to nest, bloom grow and multiply both in Fur feather and leaf! It truly is a beauty to behold. How does spring make it to your home?


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Oh how I used to live for the slightest sign of spring in NY. It keeps the heart pumping doesn't it :) Not to mention a smile on the face!

Quiltin' Mama said...

It sure does, but knowing that Spring is coming down south and will eventually get here helps a lot Too!