Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GCM cooking, Fossils, Fun

Genesee Country Museum is a favorite place of ours. My kids have been lucky to attend summer programs here over the years. It is a living history Museum so when they attend a program they move into the 19th century, clothing and all. Civil War Soldier Camp and Intermediate boys cooking were among the Camps this summer. Boys cooking is in a basement/outdoor kitchen of Hosmers Tavern c. 1818 The Walnut cake and Ginger cookies were favorites but the Cows Tongue was definitely talked about the most. They boiled it, skinned it and then ate it. It was a rainy week and they then often ate inside the Tavern. They ate in the room shown above. This structure was renovated so that you can now go onto the 2nd floor and see the sleeping quarters. Most Village structures do not allow for this. I was also told that they are looking at opening it up to families for weekend stays - in peroid costume , food and Chamber pot.
They already offer this experience at the Pioneer Cabin. A good time had by all.

The Rock walls that are by Thomsens tavern c 1808 are filled with fossils as above and my daughter was thrilled to discover them. the heart rock was in the wall - never know what you will see if you are looking!


Dianne said...

all boys should learn to cook, but in period costume is above & beyond! what a cool experience. and you get the benefit of their recipes...gorgeous photos and great bit about seeing the rock shapes...it's true that we miss a lot because we aren't really 'seeing.'

Quiltin' Mama said...

Thanks- GCM is just such a wonderful place. Yes, we all need to slow down a bit to see the beauty that is right in front of us.