Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011

The Day Before Irene
The day before was quite nice, calm, sunny but clouds rolling in. We put away furniture, tied up boats and stocked up a little in case the Power went out. Good Sailing day.

The day of Irene
We woke up to gusting roaring winds. We were on what they called the windy side of the Hurricane. We had gusty 50-60 mph winds all day and all night. Still blowing at midnight. Some areas lost lots of trees and branches and power. Our power went on and off all day/night but never totally off for a long time. We stayed in all day as the wind was to much and to dangerous to be out in. Puzzels, books, games, newspapers . . . . all kept us happy and busy. What looks like Fog is actually water being blown across the Pond. We had little to no rain. ( sorry ENYS and Vermont) Everything is a "pond" on Cape Cod even if the body of water would qualify to be a "lake" somewhere else.

The day after Irene
Sometime during the night the roaring winds ceased. We woke up and it was ever so peaceful, quiet, still and calm. The sky was clear, crisp and brilliant sunny as you can see. Unfortunately we had to start the trek home instead of staying to enjoy the beauty after the fury. It took us a while to get home as large parts of I-90 in NYS were closed and we needed to detour. Some roads we drove on were newly opened after being flooded just hours before. We were lucky. The devastation was surreal. So much water, so quickly leaving so much damage.

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