Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art Happens . . . .

This is for Index card a day, over at Daisy yellow as well, lots of good creative juices flowing there. I just could not find the white index cards but found the Fluorescent ones in the kitchen. It is a challenge using them as the background colors change the materials being applies to them in color that is. I used orange marker, gray and black crayon resist. I wiped off marker fomr over top the crayon.

This Ancient Transcript technique can be found here at Daisy Yellow Created by her young artist in residence. I overlapped my background with a Hand and then filled it in a little Zentangle style.

So, my title Art Happens . . . . . . it happens for me but not as often as I would like it to. Does Art happen for you? Art is a rather heavy word and many people I think stay away thinking that they could not possibly create art . . . . we all have the potential. Give it a try.
Danny Gregory in his book Creative License uses an example that everyone drives a car and why? Because we practice it everyday. He suggests that if we draw or paint everyday we to can increase our artistic talents. I for one believe this to be true. Also if you are drawing or painting every day or often at least and sometimes around others they too in turn will be influenced to try and draw even just a little bit. Some draw for fun or to express emotions, many people have many reasons. Grab a crayon or pencil and do a little doodle or draw an item right in front of you. No one is looking, just you so go ahead and be brave and jump right in . Make Art happen as often as possible. You just never know what might happen.

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