Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cannon at last!!! 1812 lives on . .

"Connecting Heritage through Scouting" this is the theme of the International War of 1812 Scout Brigade at Fort George  in Niagara on the Lake Canada where close to 3000 scouts gather this in their 28th year to reenact battles of the War of 1812 fought here  where the mouth of the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario.  On Saturday they march into town - right down main street - the British/ Canadian first and the Americans/Yankees second.   It was the 2nd year for my younger son and the 6th for my older one who was actually part of an Artillery Unit this year.   It is this Artillery Unit that they built the Cannon for.   Although many hands on woodworking skills were learned it was the team building  - or not where the greatest lessons were learned.  "  There is not I in Team"   It is a hard lesson to learn.  A bit of Mutiny at times.  . . . .   Here they are with the finished product.   They had a great time making new friends and Pizza at midnight was a huge hit.  This Artillery unit is separate from the enlisted men and you need to be 14 and up so it caters to the older scout- keep them active and interested!


Krista Meister said...

This was a surprise post to find! I love hearing about the War of 1812 since it is so overlooked. I live on the battlefield in Monroe, Michigan (the massacre of January, 1813). I love watching our town's re-enactments of the War of 1812 and also the Civil War. Thank you for sharing!

Quiltin' Mama said...

Glad you enjoyed. It is quite an event. There were scouts there from Michigan, New England, Maryland all over the Northeast - It is a really big event. We forget I think just how hard those early battles were and how they affect where and what we are today.