Tuesday, November 15, 2011

works in progress . . . . .

Some of the things that i worked on while away sewing/quilting and being creative.  I really look forward to this weekend away as while at home there is little time to sew these days. Kid care, laundry, housekeeping and cooking seem to fill the days.   While this is fine , it is often not very well balanced .   I would love to say that I have the balance thing all worked out but sadly I do not.  I try to grab minutes to be ever so simply creative but  they often are far and few between. Only the top one of these 4 is complete.  The middle 2 are I am thinking going to be part of something bigger, and the last one is of the Falls in town and will have a brown frame around it. It may well be a year before they are what they are meant to be but they are a great reminder to a fun time and inspire me to keep grabbing those moments. Hope everyone can find a little creative everyday.

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