Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6o minute costume

This is a miner from the Computer game Minecraft.  The miner is made of Pixels in the game.  After not having success in getting help to make this over the weekend.  . . . I brought a box home from work and stopped to buy spraypaint . . . . got home changed, and started spraying under the direction of Yoda.  It is not a very warm day so then we had to bring it in and dry it with a hair dryer. . . .The shirt being a medium blue was painted with a darker blue again to illuminate the appearance of Pixels. When the paint had dried with duck tape the goggles were fashioned after the first try that Mom did and it was wrong.  The shirt goes over the winter coat as it is not very fall like in these parts of the Northeast. Then we were out the door in record time.   Some houses knew exactly what he was and some questioned him about it.  He had one mom who wanted his picture!!!  All in all a success for such a short time.

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