Tuesday, January 10, 2012

50 years young

And with a New Year is another Birthday for all.  January 2nd is the Scoutmasters Birthday aka dear husband . . . . he turned 50 this year and we celebrated on the quiet side after more than a week of holiday celebrations.  Brunch at his moms, special breakfast at home- Homemade sticky buns and Maple Bread pudding followed up at night with Brownies with nuts of course. Brunch was the day before.  Just so that you don't think we actually could consume all that in one day!!! If we did you could just roll us out . . . dinner was Sushi.  A special day for a special guy.  We are so glad he is here and that we get to spend every day with him !!! It enriches all of our lives.

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IsobelleGoLightly said...

Happy Birthday Scoutmaster! What lovely treats! Pretty to look at and yummy too!