Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year

So first off- for every posting I make , know at this time there are probably 5 more in "draft" that life as I know it right now does not allow me to fully finish in order to post.  It is frustrating but it will not always be like this.  Here at Chestnut Hill we often/always try to celebrate not only the big Holidays but also the smaller, lesser known Holidays. It is something to make an otherwise dull day or week a little more exciting and is a great bonding experience. 
So last Monday was Chinese New Year.  Year of the Dragon and both Yoda and I were born in year of the Dragon.   We researched what animal each of us were born into.  Yoda had a lot of facts for us that he learned in school that day.  We celebrated with a table set in Red, Dragons and teapots and ate ordered out Chinese takeout. The most popular was steamed pork dumplings and Sesame Chicken.  It was a bit later dinner due to our work schedules that day. A fun time for all.  I think the Fortune cookies are often the best part.  The kids really look forward to that part.

Here are some of our Fortunes:

"Don't worry about the stock market. Invest in Family"
"Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones"
"Share your insights with close friends for rewards this week"
" Versatility is one of your outstanding traits" 
" Enthusiastic leadership gets you a promotion when you least expect it"

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