Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend wanderings

Where did your weekend take you?   What is their about the weekend?  We look forward to it all week, we savor Friday because we know that on Saturday we can take it a little slower, fit in a nap, linger over coffee, Tea, the paper and maybe catch up on a few long overdue chores.  Although I will be the first to say that the chores are not high on my list, it does feel great to get something of significance accomplished. It seems that our weekends are always jam packed but now and then we can have a day at home or a long leisurely Morning.  this weekend we went out Saturday night to check on a sailboat and afterward we went to see the sunset and it was spectacular.  Sunday we walked a new stretch of trail that has been up graded to a multiuse trail.  There were many Turtle nests on the edges, lots of wildflowers and berries growing on the waysides. A very beautiful stretch of trail.  Fresh Blueberry muffins, homemade Pizza and Blueberry Buckle among the many treats to cross our palates.  Home projects were wide ranging.

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