Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March ( almost) Maple Madness

             Plink, Plunk,Plunk, this is what you will hear standing next to a tapped tree on a sunny day like today.  The sap drips out of the spile that we have pout into the tree and it falls drop by drop into the bucket.  The sugar Maples are in their reigning glory this time of year . . . Needing temperatures above freezing during the day and below at night - they then pump out a sugar laden sap.  Daily we collect the sap by the buckets and store it up until we have enough to start boiling.  You need 40 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of Syrup but you can start boiling before you have the 40 gallons. Boiling Sap is meditative, you have to keep the fire hot and not let the pan boil dry,  in other words you have to babysit it, assuring oneself of extended time near the fire, with family, friends, handwork, Sap tea, it is all good!  Let the Maple Madness Commence!!! Bring it on.

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