Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun Easter Edible Centerpieces

                          So I have better pictures of the finished product then I thought. Here is briefly what I did,   The clear glass vase, cup or mug is filled with Jelly beans or other edible treat.  I made a St. Patrick's themed one with trail-mix in the vase.  I then used wooden skewers and floral tape on them to give them a green stem. I bought small clear treat bags in the cake area of local big box ( W) store also to be found at any craft store.  Spring themed ribbon for these ones.  Food items included: Various Peeps, Tea Bags taped back to back on the stick.  Small Rice Krispie treats taken out of their package and put into the clear bag, Oreos - Spring are yellow filling- I sandwich the stick between the 2 Oreo's - these tend to break a lot so be careful. Pre-packaged York peppermint patties, Reeses Eggs, also a couple of felted things or eggs that I already found on a stick.  At the base of the item on the stick I tie a ribbon - a knot or a bow is fine.   Anyway these do not take a lot of time are fun and colorful, eat it all and what you cannot eat- throw it away. BTW- vases, skewers, floral tape, ribbon, fillers, and stick items almost all can be found at a Dollar store - not every dollar store- you will know the one that has more craft items. Get Creative and have fun!!!

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