Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sand Lake 2013

Blood Orange Margarita

  About 2 weeks ago I snuck away amidst the March Madness that fully engulfs our house- Birthdays, Robotics, scouting, Maple sap to syrup season, March is a crazy month for us.  Another wonderful  weekend away with the Girlfriends, to relax, reflect and restore.  A Weekend to sew, read, be creative in any way one wants, fabulous food and beverages, late nights, movies, laughing, eating way to many goodies, sleeping in , walking in the woods, always leaving at home the one thing that you need. Marvelous views of the still frozen lake. Sunday AM we saw a big bushy Red Tail Fox traveling across the frozen Ice.  Also saw Hooded Mergansers in the open water near the dock.  Lots of dreaming of what it might be like in the summer.  We have always only seen the lake Frozen.
 Time well spent.

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