Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Early Spring 2014

Honeycomb that we found all over after a big wind,but we do not know for sure where it came from, we possibly think from an Owl house we have high in a tree.

The tools of spring  . . . . gloves, trowel, and cutters . . . Finally a few good days to work outside, tiring, and fulfilling all at the same time.

It has been an unrelenting winter time this year. Lots of very cold days below zero and snow nearly every day. So to finally have a few good days to dig off the leaves from gardens and foundations is a wonderful thing. When the leaves are first pulled back the earth is this rich dark black that looks so nutritious, then it slowly dries out to a dull  gray.  The shoots of young things stuck under the leaves are lemon yellow but within hours of being exposed to wonderful sunny skies they also turn a rich beautiful green.  Violas and Pansys are some of my favorite flowers . . I love there combination of colors and they always look like little faces looking at you. We are so very thankful to have days in which we can work the earth and delight in the small things, ladybugs, birdsong, dandelions.  It felt good to set up our picnic tables and know that part of our every-days can now be spent outside in nature. We live rurally enough to really enjoy Nature on our own doorstop.

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