Saturday, April 5, 2014

Owls we have seen . . . . this winter and spring . . .

Saw-Whet Owls about 8 inches - quite small

Short eared Owl

Short Ear Owl Flying

Snowy Owl on Fence

Long Ear owl- blends in very well

Another Snowy Owl
It has been a great year to see Snowy Owls in this area and much of the North East.  We have also been lucky to see a few others. Although we have a nice camera lens - we still cannot get all that close to the Snowy's.  I find it amazing how well the long ear Owl blends in with the tree.  The Saw Whet is the cutest.  My daughter is involved in banding the Saw Whets as they move through with migration.  it has been a fun Owl year!!

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Kelly Warren said...

These are so beautiful. I've never had the pleasure of seeing an owl in the wild, only in zoos. One day.