Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Day of May!

                    Just the everyday . . . .that would probably best describe my blog . . . the every day moments that make life what it is.  That is hopefully a wonderful Journey for everyone.   Just the everyday moments that I want my kids to remember or at least be able to look back on . . .
                   It was a good end to the month of May . . . . Carnival, Parade, Finishing May Grid on the last day . . .  now to go back and fill in the days - well that is not so wonderful.
          Carnival rides at night are really fun to look at- so colorful against the night sky . . .  I do not however like to ride any of the Carnival rides, in fact there are a few that just watching them is touchy.  In and out,  up and down, round and round, these folks must have very strong vestibular systems.  I was not gifted that.
                May 2014 went fast, dinners out, Theater2x, a Confirmation, Mothers Day Brunch, a College Graduation, an Eagle Ceremony, 2 Parades, Cemetery duties and all the other wonderful day to day bits and bobs.  Like meals, laundry, cleaning, making cookies, the parts individually that are not noteworthy but together  they make a whole, a whole wonderful life. May we love the Lilacs, the longer days, the return of Tree Frogs and birds, nesting birds, quiet mornings and warmer nights, May is a most delightful month and I look forward to its return next year!


Nellie said...

You had many memorable events in May! Nice pictures!

Quiltin' Mama said...

Thanks- yes May was Full and June is about to be even more so!!!