Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Before the Parade!

View from the Hammock -dappled sunshine, gentle breeze, summer's coming!

Sweet Scones and Doughnut Muffins on the deck with Tea of course

The current Read . . .

After breakfast with Korean War Veteran Grandpa Bob
Every year the boys march with Scouts from in Town to the cemetery, where a short ceremony will take place, the Middle school band will play a few numbers, the Legion will lay a wreath and fire some shots. We give thanks for the Veterans of today and of yesteryear for those that remain with us and for those that have passed on.  We can have this public ceremony to thank them today because of their service to protect our freedoms- you only need to watch World News this week to see how precious those freedoms are.
                   We went out for Breakfast afterwards and got my Dad to tell a few stories.   He served in the Korean Conflict in Sapporo, Japan on the Island of Hokkaido in the National Signal Core as an Interceptor. He listened to Morse Code during all of his shifts and translated it.  He told us on the boat ride over- he did not have a job.  He was in the middle of about 5 berths deep for sleeping and his head was by a water fountain and frequently he would get sprayed while sleeping.  On the return trip he worked in the on-board bakery. " oh we made jello and pie bars for the men in big sheets"  " we used some steam to cook the jello until we found out it was not safe"  "The officers and their wives got real round pies. We had a little cooking area and we cooked eggs or things if we got hungry, it was a good job"  He served there for 3 years.  I would love to interview him and record it on video- these times and stories are fading fast.   Happy Memorial Day to one and all.  We are blessed.

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