Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden- late last week . . . .mid July 2014

Hops looking out in the early morning light

The first - oh so sweet cherry Tomatoes!

Coming soon . . .

Love this bright magenta Cosmos

These Hostas dominate more of my garden than I would like, but right now they are lovely.

These petunias - just say summer!
Well here are some close ups of what is happening in the garden in Mid- July.  There is lots of color in the garden. We are close to the point where I start to see nature shift towards fall, hate to say it but in early August there is this ever so subtle shift of change. It starts off slow and then as time marches on- it speeds up .  We are so loving dinner out on the front lawn every night. Last night it was really still.  It is fascinating to watch the cars go by- last night was a night - that every one driving by turned to look . . . some nights no one notices us eating together.  The kids called us iconic - a family actually eating together- hamburgers fresh corn , watermelon . . . I suppose they may be right but I sure hope not.


Nellie said...

I love the sound of your evening meal being eaten - together - on your front lawn. Perhaps you will give those passersby some ideas about enjoying meals together as a family.

Quiltin' Mama said...

I would like to think that too! We'll never know . . . My 14 y/o almost always still goes for a swing - that hangs in a tree out front. I just have to love it. I am also often amazed at how long they will hang out and chat a bit when the meal is over. That is the icing on the Cake! That is the best part of summer!