Monday, July 21, 2014

Look what the Cat dragged in . . . .

You know cats are just such interesting and independent creatures. This is Maggie- arriving in the early AM after a night out- covered in stick tights and a hair tie- heavens knows where she picked that up.  A little combing got all the stick tight out and had her looking smart in no time flat.  I just really had to wonder as to what she was up to that had her looking like this. Maggie has grown into a full bodied lady.  She must weigh a solid 15 pounds- but wears it well. She spends her days in the thick of it in the kitchen - either on a chair or right on the floor amidst us all. She does go in and out of the house- but stays close by when outside.  She is very vocal about getting her food and never passes up an opportunity to do so. Hence her solid figure. We are glad Maggie has joined us and she keeps us guessing as to what she has been up to.

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