Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seeds of Love . . . .

First Collage layer and light color

Cover with Gesso - next layer

Add Stamps and light color again

Sketch out design in pencil then go over it with black marker

Add colors and thin out with water /gesso to get color value, then add details with black  marker or white paint pen

This was a fun one to do.  I grew up with a mom who used seed pods, weeds and pine-cones in her creations so I was really used to the asymmetry of seedpods that was requested in creating this.  Trying to get the colors to go from dark to light value was a good challenge, mine in the end are mostly medium value.  I have Jacaranda pods, Milkweed, sweet-gum ball, teasel, Eucalyptus, Chinese lanterns depicted here.   I could not seem to post the black and white photo of it but that was part of the process to check and see how your balance of light/dark was going.   Good Process.  Collaged in the centers of the pods were people or places that you love or are meaningful to you!

      Well back to the work of snow removal driveway , roof and any where else. Cold here again- that is the February Mantra - deep freeze and subzero!!!  Stay warm and hoping there is sun shine wherever you are.

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