Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt 2009

Before it all gets started the eggs must be filled and hidden in every nook and cranny. Spread them out all over the yard. I learned several years back, that I cannot hide them the night before as the creatures of the night help themselves. Last night was wonderful moonglow so it would have been perfect. the moon was a gorgeous Humongous Orange color as it rose.

What is the best hiding place? Hard to say. Favorites are in Tree nook and crannies. In the Jungle Gym and wedged between rocks in the Rock wall. We have still found the come July some years.

The bounty - they each collected about 40 -50 eggs. Bubblegum, milkyways, now and laters, Jaw breakers, Twix, reeses eggs .. . all yummy!

The egg hunting is followed by Brunch and munch.
We have been doing this for 15 years, imagine that. There is something calming about repeating things over and over again.
Tradition defined as:
An inherited pattern or thought or action.
A custom: a specific practice of long standing.

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