Monday, September 7, 2009

Michigan part 1

The beginning of a trip around the Mitten State 2009

Twas Point State park
Hoeft State Park
Sleeping Bear National lake-shore
Holland State park

We stayed 2 nights in each one. We arrived late in the day set up. The next day we did something in the area, then we would pack up and travel onward to the next location.
This put us 4 nights on Lake Huron and 4 nights on Lake Michigan. We fit a lot in to say the least. In this installment you see Twas point light house that some of us climbed. We also were able to walk out to it at night right form the campground. That was pretty cool. We saw a bunch of Blue herons while here. The camping was wall to wall RV's which recinds my previous entry about Camping being all about it being simple . . . having your RV in tow you have most all of your comforts with you! It was cool and blustry while here and we did a cool driving tour of the Ausable River area and history of Logging in the area.

The sand Dune in this picture to the right is where they would stack up and then let loose logs that would roll down to the river. That is why it is barren of vegetation. We learned what a Wanagan is. They re-forested this area with 7 million red pines.

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