Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michigan Part 4

Michigan Part 4

Sleeping Bear Dunes as seen from Platte river Beach

Hiking to Lake Michigan

Big Red- Holland's Lighthouse

Windmill Gardens De Swan Wind Mill brought over from Holland to the USA

Camping at Holland State Park

As one can see the weather deteriorated for this stretch of the trip. No blue skies, terrible wind, rain, and then a Thunder storm and torrential rain right before we were to go to bed.

We drove from Sleeping Bear Dunes to Holland State park it was 3-4 hours. Much in the rain. We stopped and climbed Port Bessie light house and we all made it to the top!!
We stopped in Manistee Michigan- home to my Seymour cousins but we did not get a chance to connect with them due to time.

When we arrived at Holland Sate park in between Thunder storms and wedged between 2 large RV's we made ourselves a home again. We figured out how to fit in our tent and dining fly and accommodate the pre-established Fire pit. This was an urban campground as beyond our bushes was a sidewalk with runners, bikers, talking walkers. It was all very interesting.

Big Red was majestic and after being windblown and sand blasted we searched out a Dutch bakery for tasty treats and headed into Holland. We ate our treats in Central park which had lots of lovely flowers and I can just picture it when it is full of tulips. It must be Breathtaking!!! We have some great doughnut eating pictures but they are not for the blog!

We then headed over to Blustery Windmill Island. We watched girls dance the Klompen and got a tour of this big Windmill- another height for us to conquer- some of us are height challenged. The outdoor flowers here were outstanding as well!!! again spring must be fantastic.

Then back to our Campsite 99 the great one- home away from home for Foot long hot dogs, smores and packing for an early departure in the AM, then right before bedtime as mentioned earlier a terrible storm hit.
Water in the tent, but not to bad- we were all glad to get in our sleeping bags and finish the Read aloud book
Lost on a Mountain in Maine
Up and off in the morning without a hitch! A lot of hours in the car and a stop at Cabellas and we were home!

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