Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Quilt

This was created to fill the need that every child have a special Christmas Quilt. so my old friend who now has a beautiful daughter adopted from China has a Christmas Quilt. I love to do things like this. I like to create with my hands. I love putting all the colors together. This had not pattern just strips fit together with center Santa Theme fabric. Doing it this way, I had to do a bit of fussing to make it all work but in the end it was fine. I used Satin Blanket binding for the edge, it was a fast way of finishing it as well as it goes with the book Pumpkin Blanket which is a favorite of my kids.
I did not make it very big- 40 inch square which means it may not have growing power but we'll cross that bridge later, for now it will be just right.

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