Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Trees


Just a few of the trees in our house. As you can see we have an everything goes Tree - all the ornaments have a story. Being that our house is 187 years old . . . how many Christmas trees has it seen? What did they do during the Civil war, during WWII? I am sure many years it was as cold as it is right now. We have not turned on the Furnace yet- heating with our wood stove ( Center of the Universe) it is not to bad. Today we are having 40-50 mph winds and snow so it is rather drafty and not getting to warm but then that is why I knit and quilt after all. Need to rationale it somehow.
We love our tree and all that is on it.m It is one of the traditions we love best. What traditions do you love about the Holidays?

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