Saturday, December 5, 2009

December List

whoops hit enter which posts this without making an entry.

Anyway . . . . our list for things we wna to do or do in December.

1. get the Tree and Decorate it
2. Decorate the house
3. put up the trains
4. go to Holiday Concerts one for each kid plus the Community band
5. Go to Teazarr at church
6. Go see Firetruck Parade
7.Work at Food link
8.Watch Polar Express
9.Read favorite Christmas books with cocoa around to see holiday lights
11.Watch the Grinch
12.Angel Tree gifts
13.Christmas caroling at local adult home
14.make/send Christmas cards
15.Make Gingerbread houses with Searings
16.Make/decorate Anise cookies
17.Deliver Neighbor gifts
18.Make holiday candy
19.Go see fantastic Mr. Fox
20.Go see Firetruck Parade
21.Get a Poinsettia
22.Make a special ornament
23.Make Greenery arrangements
24.Breakfast with Santa
25. go see trains
26. Put green on Grandpas Grave
27. make a wreath
28. go for moonlight walk
29. Review 2009
30. plan for 2010
31. Wrap gifts~~

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