Sunday, June 6, 2010

Turtles and Beavers

Above is the Turtle activity that we are seeing daily now in several locations where we walk. These would be snapping Turtles. They lay there hatch in a sandy gravel area and then the eggs incubate 60-90 days depending on the temperature outside. last year in this area we saw hatch-lings in mid- September. All the disturbed ground on the right of the path is potential spots. Flowergirl actually saw 2 turtles "nesting"

Above is one of the Beavers swimming in the water - kinda hard to see, head is out of the water and tail is in .

The first of 2 beavers heading into the water from the woods. I can usually hear them in the woods and when I go to the edge to see them- Wow- there they are. So big in real life. Edna the Yellow Lab stands very still watching them but her whole body is usually shaking.

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