Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Town on a rare Sunny Day!

Library- note new construction in background.

The "Lower Mill" Restaurant, Art gallery/ classes/Yoga

First Presbyterian Church

Local Micro Brewery
Custom Brewcrafters

So this rare sunny day was a real treat and we were out to snap photos to work on Citizen in the Community Merit Badge. It is a very cute little Mill town. The falls are right in the center of town. Today they are partially frozen still but also lots of water going over them from snow, snow melt etc.. More coming on Monday in Rain. We do not live in the village but if we did we could walk to almost everything. The upper Mill is the Town Hall and right next to the Falls. ( no photo here though) We are having a good wet snow snowstorm today. Time to make Bread i this type of weather!! Stay warm and safe.

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