Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Well it might have been a day off school and the first in about 5 years despite the 150 inches of snow we get each and every year. But it was far from a "snow" day. The "big" storm was a near miss. No high accumulation, some blowing and drifting and that can be pretty bad but all in all it was a quiet day. When we got up this morning every school was closed. We went out and shoveled and went for a walk before the road was plowed or driven on for that matter. Kinda strange walking down a well traveled road that is thick with snow. It was quiet. We could hear the plow in the distance but other wise all was quiet and still - all the houses that are usually bright and waking up were quiet and dark, taking advantage of a rare day to sleep in. We did a lot of baking- cheesecakes, chocolate Amaretto Brownies and cooking- Stuffed shells, Shepherds Pie and Homemade Mac and Cheese and we are not done yet. Some is for the weekend to come and some for a Rotary dinner dessert raffle to benefit the Girl Scout troop.Hoping you had a good day and stayed warm and dry and enjoyed the view from your window!!

Quinzee - slept 11 blissful hours there

about 2 feet of snow fell over night - need aluminum poles for the cold temps- fiberglass breaks.

Anyone in there?

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