Monday, February 22, 2010

Postcard Swap

So these are the Postcards I did for the PostCard swap sponsored by iHanna

I started with a large piece of posterboard that I treated like a "Masterboard" I applied watercolor, acrylics, decoupaged some pattern tissues and magazine cut outs. I then cut it up into individual 4-6 cards and started to individually create. Some I Punched out the painted area so that part of the postcard I mounted them on showed through. I stamped on them with Stazon ink, applied more paint and custom decoupaged more items on them. Finally I used my sewing machine to stitch each painted card to an old Postcard. I bought like 100 for 1.00 at a garage sale in the fall.

Sorry this last photo is vertical when it should be horizontal. Hopefully you can still get an idea of what the postcards looked like.

I totally loved doing this. I have received 6 postcards so far and I will post them next. They are from both the USA and Norway, Great Britain so far. I would definitely do this again.


Michelle said...

They all look so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you get back.

Carlin said...

They look great!

iHanna said...

Your postcards looks great, thanks for sharing how you did them! So glad you're enjoying the swap! :-)